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A very small town, with one very big tourist attraction: the famous Nazca lines — mysterious lines created by the ancient people here, which stretch across the surrounding desert, and which form the shapes of animals and geometric figures when seen from the air. Nobody stays here more than one night, if that: I just stopped here for a quick morning flight over the lines, in between a night bus from Arequipa, and a day bus on to Ica and Huacachina.

Nazca lines flyover

This morning, we arrived in Nazca from Arequipa, and went straight to the little airfield just outside of the city, to do a flight over the famous "Nazca Lines". This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Peru: enormous lines that an ancient civilisation dug into the desert ground, and that are in the shapes of animals and of geometric figures, when seen from the air. As with many other tourists, my verdict for the Nazca Lines was not amazing: too expensive; hard to see the lines; and a really nauseating flight, in a teeny old plane with a crazy pilot. Something to tick off the list, but definitely not the highlight of my trip.

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