Jaza's World Trip


I am Jeremy Epstein, a 21-year-old at the time of writing this (2007), from Sydney, Australia. In recent times, I have been known to work as a web developer, and to attend university. This site exists in order to chronicle my year-long trip around the world. I embarked upon this trip on Mon, 19th Feb, 2007, and I plan to travel for as close to 12 months as I can.

If you want to contact me, you can use my contact form on GreenAsh.

See also: trip plan.


The blog is what this site is all about. It's a collection of articles, long and short, describing all the adventures that I have during my world trip. I tend to write a lot: usually at least three blog entries each day, some of which can be quite long. I try to make my blog entries "atomic": i.e. with the aim of each entry being only about one specific thing, thus making its title more accurate, and making my chronicles as a whole more organised and more granular.

Most of my blog entries are about things that I do or visit during my travels, such as hikes, ruins, parties, etc. These are the regular "travel blog" entries. Some of them are also about funny little things that I see along the way, such as ridiculous street signs and crazy local happenings. I also try to blog about various other specific things, from time to time:

I write this blog primarily for myself. I write it because I enjoy writing, and because I want to create something that I can look back on, in years to come, for remembering the good times that I had on this trip. I don't write it in order to please anyone, or in order to attract massive fans. However, all my blog entries are public, and are free for anyone to read and to post comments on.


A selection of the photos that I take on this trip. The photos in the gallery are also embedded within my blog posts, to add a bit of colour to them.


This section lists all the locations that I visit during my world trip, grouped by country. Each location also has its co-ordinates recorded, and on the main page, you can see a Google map that shows all of these locations plotted on a map, with a red dot for each place that I've been to.

Additionally, each of my blog entries is assigned to a particular location. If you wish, you can browse my blog entries according to their location: e.g. you can see all blog entries from Cusco, Peru. My "last known location" is the latest location that I've recorded having visited, and it's always shown on the front page.


Tags are a way of classifying the blog entries that I write. Each blog entry gets assigned one or more tags, which describe what that entry is about. On the main tags page, every tag on the site is shown in something called a "tag cloud". In the tag cloud, tags with more posts assigned to them are shown in a bigger size, and tags with less posts assigned to them are shown in a smaller size. This lets you easily see which tags I use the most (for assigning to blog entries), and it gives an interesting and (I think) kind of artistic overview of the site.

You can browse my blog entries by tag: for example, you can see all entries tagged with "locals".