Jaza's World Trip

The new Snowbunnys crew

Kitzbühel's slopes were packed today; and this evening, Snowbunnys was a lot busier as well. Seems that I really did sneak this ski trip in, just before the rush: because as of now, The Rush™ has officially arrived. We had a number of new arrivals in the hostel last night, and even more tonight. Apparently, still more guests are due in tomorrow — and the hostel is going to be 100% booked out over the weekend.

Some of the newbies at the hostel:

  • South African couple. I haven't met all that many South Africans on my travels (not nearly as many as I meet back in Sydney!); but when they do pass my way, they're hoord tue msss, menn. The new couple from Cape Town are very friendly: they described to us how Capetonians save money on booze back home, by buying all their alcohol for the night at a liquor store, driving to a club, and then having a "car bar" in the carpark (i.e. using the boot as their bar).
  • Rachel from NYC. Friendly girl who's a keen skier, and who lives in an apartment in Manhattan (first Manhattan-dweller I've met who doesn't complain too much about the rent).
  • Helen and "other half". Nice English couple who have been doing a round-the-world blitz for the past 8 weeks. The "other half" doesn't say much — Helen does most of the talking.
  • New English mob. Not sure exactly how many there are in this group of Pommy friends, but I think about 4 (2 guys 2 girls?). One of the guys cracked me up last night, by announcing at about 12:30am that he was starving, and that he was going outside to find a hot "bosna" (Austrian hot dog).
  • Pair of German girls. Two lovely girls from Cologne, one of everyone's favourite German cities. They're just here for a few days to get in a bit of skiing.