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Sleepy Sunday in Rome

In pleasant contrast to the madness of yesterday — where I experienced everything from nightmare, to high culture, to disappointment, to good times — not much happened today. I did some laundry. I had a coffee break. I bought a book. I grabbed a kebab. I bought a new backpack (first item from yesterday's incident to be replaced — can't do much without a day pack — cheap and dodgy, but it'll do for now). I cooked up some pasta for dinner (which my Mozambique buddy at Gulliver's shared with me). And I spent plenty of time online, gradually catching up on what I'm realising is the Great Sicilian Blogging Endeavour. A sleepy old Sunday in the heart of the ancient world.

It was a good day to do very little, anyway. The weather was grim all day: raining on-and-off, as well as being quite cold. Apart from the fact that I already spent half the day there yesterday, the Vatican was also out of the question today: as the pope was giving a public blessing in St. Peter's square, I hear the masses packed the square in full force (and got soaked in the rain); plus, since it's the last Sunday of the month, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel were open for free — hence, yesterday's massive queue and sardine-packed crowds would have been nothing compared to today's. The only other big thing on today was the market at Porto Portese (which is big every Sunday): but the rain would have made the market less than amazing; I've already seen plenty of Porto Portese before; and the Sunday scene there is meant to be rife with pickpockets (and I've had quite enough theft for one weekend, thank you very much).

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Happy birthday old boy!

Happy birthday old boy! Wanted to send you this on your birthday but yur mum was away and out of reach by phone and I couldn't remember your address.

So you're in sunny, steamy Thailand. Are you going to Ko Chang? We're looking at going there next December. Supposed to be beautiful and relatively untouched (compared wtih ugly Phuket).

The kids want to know if cousin Jeremy can buy them a couple of DVD's, so let us know if you have room.

Looking very forward to seeing all your photos (though we've alredy seen tons) and hearing about your adventures. 4 weeks to the Barmi - believe your'e returning the morning before - boy are you going to out of sorts and feeling really weird - don't worry, it'll pass in about 2 months of being back in reality.

Love linda et al.