Jaza's World Trip

Oasis in the Cañon del Colca

When we finished our hiking for the day — this being our second day in the Cañon del Colca — we arrived at a little tourist retreat at the bottom of the canyon, called "the oasis". The place claims to have "hot thermal baths": but sadly, it doesn't quite live up to this claim; the palm-encircled pools in this place aren't much more than a chilly 23°C or so. However, it's still a beautiful place, and a great location for relaxing and getting some serenity before hiking like mad, back out of the canyon.

Looking down at the oasis.

We made it to the oasis at about 2pm this afternoon. When we got there, most of us jumped in the pool, hoping for a hot and soothing dip; the dip wasn't terribly hot, but it was refreshing nonetheless. We found ourselves some beds in one of the hospedajes (guest lodges) down there; and then it was another chilled-out afternoon of reading, sleeping, and eating, before we tucked into bed nice and early, in preparation for tomorrow's early-morning hike out of the canyon.