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Jetlag duty

My dad arrived here in Boston this morning, after getting delayed in LA for 12 hours yesterday, and having to take an overnight flight from west coast to east. So my duty today was to help my dad stay awake all day — so he can combat his jetlag, and adjust quickly to Boston time — by touring the city with him, and elbowing him at the firssigns of chluffing. An in this noble endeavour — i.e. in my "jetlag duty" — I believe I was quite successful. We managed to see a few of Boston's sights, and my dad lasted until the evening.

After we'd wolfed down some bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, at Tara and Ashki's place, we headed out into the centre of town, on Boston's "T" train system. We got off at Boston Common, which is a nice big park in the historic area of the city. Right next to the Common is the Massachusetts State House: you can go inside here and squiz around the place for free, which we did

Massachusetts State House: front outside view.

This is what it looks like inside, under that big golden dome (no, it’s not a mosque! :P).

We went to a post office in town, where I managed to send my postcard from New York (dad sent a postcard as well), without quite having to wait in line until the next ice age. Plus, we wandered around such central areas as Fanueil Hall, Quincy Market, and the waterfront docks, catching up on things and enjoying the scenery.

The mall outside Quincy Market.

I got dad back to the Goldsteins' house, in time for him to have his reunion with the cousins, before he went home and crashed soundly.

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