Jaza's World Trip


What can I say — he's my dad! And until today, I hadn't seen him for a ridiculously long time of 8 months, since I left Sydney back in February. This morning, my dad flew into Boston (after having a flight cancel on him, and getting stuck in LA for 12 hours), and we had a warm and heartfelt reunion. Like me, he's here for my cousin Adam's barmitzvah. And unlike me, he's not doing a crazy 12-month trip around the world: he's just on holiday for two weeks, and then he goes straight back to Sydney. It's very, very nice to see him again — as with all my family, I've missed him a lot during my time away from home.

Dad: that’s the man.

My dad managed to take two weeks off work — and, with more difficulty, to leave behind my step-mum and my two gorgeous little step-sisters for two weeks — in order to come here to Boston. As well as being here for the barmitzvah, he is (of course) also here to see me; as well as to share in the simcha with my auntie and uncle from Sydney, who are also flying over for the event. Unfortunately — despite coming and meeting the Boston cousins back in 2000 — my mum is not going to be able to fly here, and she's missing out on the reunion and the barmitzvah. It's a long and complicated story — it's called the crazy story of my family, and I'm not about to start telling it right here and now — but basically, there are many reasons why she's not attending. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to keep missing my mum (although not nearly as much as she's missing me!) until I return back home next year.

as long as you are eating well

It's ok, kiddo, just look after your dad and make sure he has a good holiday and a good rest. Of course, I would have loved to be there, but just give them all my best wishes and mazaltov. The photos are really great. Don't forget we will have another barmitzvah here in February for Josh, so there will be lots more fun and food.
So long and thanks for all the fish....love mum xxx ooo