Jaza's World Trip

Iguazu Falls: speedboat ride

The sweetest thing that we did today, at the spectacular Iguazu Falls, was go on a speedboat ride up the river. We started a few k's downstream, and then powered up the water at ridiculous speeds, before we came close to some of the waterfalls. Then, it was time to get very wet, because the boat drove almost diretly beneath some of the falls! I tell you what: that certainly woke me up for the day :P. Great little adventure, and the drivers are utterly nuts. Fortunately, they also give you dry-bags to put your camera and other personal items in, so nothing gets damaged (but your clothes still get soaked). Photos and videos below.

Heading out on the speedboat.

Going pretty damn fast.

Racing down the river.

Waterfalls coming into sight.

This was the first one we went under. There’s another boat about to go under.

Saw a bit of the Garganta Del Diablo waterfall on the boat ride: too dangerous to go much closer than this, though.

People on the boat.

Second waterfall that we went under: this one really soaked us.

Everyone wet after the ride.

Norweigian girl with wet T-shirt. Very nice! I like! Can I touch?