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Iguazu Falls: the catwalks

Following the awesome speedboat ride, most of the day today at Iguazu Falls was spent wandering around the catwalks, and taking in the up-close views of the many minor falls that make up the national park. The six of us saw falls big and small, fat and thin, long and short. Plus, plenty of cool animals, and a great little train ride across the park. The catwalk system is very extensive, and quite impressive: you can walk right up to the edge of many of the falls, over numerous bits of water. Photos and video below.

Catwalks catwalks everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

This catwalk has expired and gone to meet its maker.

Nice waterfalls.

And can you believe that this is low season? This is the falls at a mere 40% strength! Imagine them at 100.

Waterfalls, and people looking at the waterfalls.

These cute little guys are everywhere.

Getting up close and personal.

Choo-choo train across the park.

Enough already with the waterfalls, OK?

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