Jaza's World Trip

Helping with the Amigos web site

It seems that working on one web site (during my "vacation" — which seems to be on hold for now in Cusco) simply isn't enough: as well as Hampy, I'm now also helping with the Amigos web site! That's right: Jesus has persuaded me to lend a hand with the effort to deliver Amigos a shiny new site. However, in the case of Amigos, Luis is taking care of all the design and development side of things (using Rails); so I'm just assisting with writing, improving and correcting the English-language content for the various pages.

I started work on the Amigos content this afternoon, and I'm probably going to continue working on it over the next few days, whenever I'm not at Hampy. Due to all this work commitment, and due to still being a bit sick, it looks like the 3-day rafting trip (which I was going to start today) will have to wait until Wed-Fri next week.

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