Jaza's World Trip

Ashley from Hampy

Ashley is a Canadian girl with a marketing background, who's here in Cusco for about 2 months, helping Hampy with various aspects of their publicity. I first met Ashley about 2 weeks ago, on the Chocco and Hampy tour, and from now on I'm going to be working pretty closely with her on the new Hampy web site. She has a dry but witty sense of humour, and she can sure as hell let her hair down and party, when the occasion calls for it.

Ashley relaxing on some rocks, in Moray.

This afternoon, I met up with Ashley, and we went to a café near the Plaza to discuss the structure of the new site. Neither of us was feeling very good — Ashley has a pretty bad flu; and after a premature big night last night, my diarrhoea has returned yet again with a vengeance — but we still managed to sit down and to get a fair bit sorted out. We also went (with various other Hampy people) to visit Chocco again this afternoon, and to sit in on another of Terese's English classes.