Jaza's World Trip

Don't try to be Tarzan

It might look safe and easy and fun in the movies; but in the jungle, things break. On this morning's jungle hike and tour, we found a hanging vine, perfect for swinging on. We all had a go. I was fine, Ashley was fine, Stephan was fine, and Chris was fine. Then Wil went, and the vine snapped off. And down came Wil, from a height of about 1½m, and crashed onto his backside. Could have been any of us, but it just so happened that it was Wil. Anyway, be careful next time you're swinging in the jungle, OK?

At least Stephan had fun on the vine. Oooo-eeeooo-eeeoooo-eeeoooeeeoooo!

It's all good when Tarzan does it. But in real life, it's not always a pleasant old swing. Wil seems to be alright from his fall; but his back is still hurting from the shock impact, and he's going to have to see a doctor when he gets back to Cusco, just to make sure that there's no serious damage. Hopefully he's fine.

Wil about to swing to his doom.

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