Jaza's World Trip

River rapids of Pilcopata

Once we were done with the morning's jungle tour and lunch, this afternoon we returned from our trek, to the farm near Pilcopata, via river raft. The rapids were supposedly "class II"; but compared to my three-day Apurímac rafting trip last week, they were a class-zero romantic pleasure-ride. Barely a splash the whole way along — little more than a light current to keep us going, really. But a good bit of fun, nonetheless.

It seriously was a bit of a joke, calling this afternoon's boat trip "river rafting". The rapids were so light, they didn't even bother to give us wet-suits, helmets, or paddles (that's right, we just sat there — only the guides had paddles!) — just life-jackets, and in we hopped. We got a tiny bit of water splashing into the raft, now and then, but barely any. We also put our stuff into (one little poorly sealed) dry-bag; but that was hardly necessary either.

Anyway, it was a pleasant ride back to the farm, and the scenery along the way was great as well. Winding river, muddy shores, and misty, lush, cloud-covered forest all around. Also good for the others, most of whom had no rafting experience, and who just wanted to relax and have a nice little float down the river.

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