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Daily routine life in Cusco

Over the past week, I've put my usual travel life of uncertainty, adventure, and mobility on hold for a bit, and I'm back in a routine daily grind. It's essential that I do this, in order to spend some time studying and learning; but I sure am glad that I don't have to do it all year, like I've done every year for the past 16 years of my life! It's a good reminder of how much cooler backpacking is than working or studying.

My routine is fairly simple. I get up at about 6:30am, I get myself ready, I have breakfast, and I'm out the door by 7:30am or earlier. Then, it's at least a 35-minute walk (not bus or taxi) from home to school. Classes are from 8am-12pm. I usually go on the 'Net for an hour or so after class, at one of the nearby cabinas (Internet cafés); then it's back home for lunch with the family.

Between lunch and dinner, I usually have most or all of the afternoon to myself. I spend the afternoons reading, going online, and doing my homework. So far, there have also been extra-curricular activities with Amigos on most afternoons, which can take up some or all of my time. Then, it's dinner with the family, and usually an early tuck in to bed at about 9:30-10pm.

I'm pretty happy with this routine, and I think I can keep it up for 4 weeks without problems. After all, I'm in a nice part of a nice city, with a nice school and a nice family; and I chose to be here, and every day I'm learning lots, and I'm doing what I want to be doing with my life. Also, of course, I'll be having the weekends to myself, and I'll be able to (pretty much) do whatever I want then, whenever I want. But it sure will also be good to break the routine at the end, and to return to a spontaneous, unstructured life on the road.

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Daily routine is useful. If

Daily routine is useful. If there were no daily routine we would hardly appreciate days-off and holidays? And besides, even doing you usual work you can be happy. And on the other hand, you can always get tired of your everlasting holidays.