Jaza's World Trip

One week at Amigos

I've now finished my first week of classes at Amigos; and while it hasn't been exactly what I expected, I've learned a lot, and I've had a good time. The teaching has been much slower than what I had at UTS last year, but it's also been much more thorough, which should help to kick some of the bad habits I've picked up in my Spanish. And what's more, I already feel like I'm a part of this small and cosy school, which is more than just a school. The name Amigos couldn't be more appropriate, because this school is above all a place where everyone is friends.

Today was our last day with Ann in the class. Ann and her daughter Amy fly to Lima this afternoon, and they'll be continuing their trip with some time in Guatemala. So we had a bit of a farewell to Ann and Amy, and all the English-study kids came out and thanked them for their help.

From left to right: Ursula (one of our teachers), Chrystal, myself, and Ann. Very cosy little class.

Next week's going to be a little different, as there will be 3 new and more advanced students joining me and Chrystal in our group class. This should be a good challenge, since I was a bit above Ann and Chrystal this week, in terms of language skill. I'm looking forward to seeing my Spanish go from strength to strength, as I continue my time here at Amigos.

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