Jaza's World Trip

Bagels and cream cheese

The perfect Jewish American breakfast. And since I got in to Boston, I seem to have had it almost every morning — mainly because Tara and Ashki don't have that much else lying around the kitchen, in the way of breakfast foods. I can't say I don't like it — it's quite delicious — but then again, I'd prefer something a little more like what I'm used to. We'll have to stock up on some cereal soon. In the meantime, it doesn't hoyt.

Also, speaking of food, and speaking of Tara and Ashki: I gave them some of the Peruvian chocolates, as a little gift; and they went down very well. I don't think Ashki got any — Tara saw them, and 5 minutes later they'd magically disappeared — but they were certainly popular. And rightly so, too: ¡son muy, muy ricos!

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