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Downtown Boston stroll

Ivor, Manuela, dad and myself went on a stroll of downtown Boston today, as an introduction to the city for my aunt and uncle. Saw some nice buildings, including the Boston Public Library, and a few of the city centre's big churches. Also saw some of the lovely streets of Beacon Hill, the upmarket and very quaint district where Ivor and Manuela have rented an apartment for the week. We tried going up the Prudential Tower, the tallest building in Boston — but it was very cloudy today, so there was nothing to see from the top.

Boston Public Library.

Prudential Tower: cloudy at the top.


Big church in central Boston.

Moss-covered church bell tower.

Quaint old street in Beacon Hill.

So yeah, that was about it for today, really. Not the most exciting day. But you know how it is: sometimes, you gotta hang out with the family for a bit, catch up on all the news, do the city tours you wouldn't normally do.

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