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Adam's barmitzvah: shabbat dinner

Adam's barmitzvah celebrations began tonight, at the Goldstein house, with a fully-catered shabbat dinner. Big crowd — much of the extended family arrived this evening, mainly from New York and Philadelphia — and plenty of new (and very distantly-related) relatives to meet. The food was great, and it flowed from the kitchen in copious quantities. A very nice, heimische start to the simcha.

“The children and young adults” from tonight. Back row (left to right): Adam, me, fiancée of random cousin, random cousin who has fiancée, Becca. Front: two random little cousin brothers.

The adults from tonight. Back row (left to right): random good-humoured uncle, David, another random uncle, Ivor, and dad. Front row: random auntie, random yiddisheh mama, yiddisheh mama’s daughter, Janine, and Manuela.

Adam’s birthday cake, decorated as a golf course.

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