Jaza's World Trip


I only stopped here briefly, in between my trip from Veracruz, and my trip to Merida (both of which were by bus). It seems like a friendly enough place, but basically, there's no reason for tourists to come here. It's a very plain city, the centre of Mexico's oil industry, and a bit of an industrial wasteland.

Nice tacos, though.

Taco amigos in Villahermosa

I had about an hour to spare for dinner while I was in the city of Villahermosa, in between bus trips. So I went across the road from the bus terminal, to grab a taco. The way the local kids there greeted me, you'd think I was a movie star or something! I guess they don't see many tourists round here. They all wanted to sit and chat while I ate my tacos, and then they all wanted a photo with me.