Jaza's World Trip


Little town on the Ecuador side of the Peru-Ecuador border. Not much to do here, except to change buses / taxis when crossing the border (if you need to), and to pass through immigration. Didn't have a chance to explore this place in any great depth, as I was only here for about 1 hour, at 11pm at night.

Into Ecuador by night

This evening marked the end of my long and much-loved time in Peru, and the beginning of my time in Ecuador. After making it to Tumbes — the northernmost major town in Peru — I embarked upon a 5-legged, night-long journey, from the border-crossing at Huaquillas, all the way into the heart of Ecuador. The next morning, I found my first introduction to this country being the lovely (if tourist-infested) town of BaƱos. It was a long and bumpy night, but I've made it.