Jaza's World Trip


Photo gallery for this site.

Iris and Andrea: don’t mind Andrea, she has an eye infection at the moment, and it doesn’t look too flattering. Normally, her right eye is just as beautiful as the rest of her.

Restaurant at the remote beach: hot French chick and Robert.

On a scenic rock: if you’re willing to navigate through an entire mountainside of jungle, you can enjoy the vista too.

Moondance beach: how’s the serenity?

No, this is not Bruno: Robert’s a real-life gay Austrian.

Flores, Justine and Martin (left to right). By the way: never part a Dutchman from his Heineken; and did you know, Heineken has a local brewery right here in Thailand?

Beach at Tanot Bay.

Lovely Tanot Bay.

Ao Leuk bay, as seen from the southern headland.

The beach at Ao Leuk.