Jaza's World Trip


Photo gallery for this site.

Uggh… Ton Sai beach becomes a minefield of rocks at low tide.

Chilling on Ton Sai beach.

More cliffs framing the approach to Ton Sai. I can see why this place is the rock-climbing capital of Thailand!

Enormous limestone formation jutting into the air.

Long-tails lined up along Ao Nang beach. If you’re going to catch one, then do yourself a favour: carry a light bag, and wear sandals.

Drinks with the Dutch girl — the buckets didn’t hit me quite so hard this evening.

Colourful Ko Tao t-shirts.

Shady trees line the shore of Freedom beach.

View of tranquil Chalok bay, from the rocky cliffs on the way to Freedom beach.

Robert’s friend, myself and Robert (left-to-right), reclining on the cushions and mats at the beach bar.