Jaza's World Trip

Week two begins at Amigos

A new week, a new class, but the same teachers. Today was a bit of a rocky start to the week's lessons. In today's class, we had Chrystal, myself, and a new American couple, Debra and Ricky. However, we were also supposed to have two new French students, Justina and Dorien: but they didn't show up! Or, to be precise, they showed up 2 hours late, and then decided that they were too tired to stay, and went back home. And these are meant to be the new, advanced students for the week. Not too promising, if you ask me.

So we didn't get through that much today, because we were passing time chatting (in Spanish — still good practice), while we were waiting for Justina and Dorien. There was also the matter of determining the level of the other new students, Debra and Ricky. This couple has been travelling around the world for over a year, and they've attempted to learn about 7 different languages in that time. So although they spent a few months in Central America, and even did a few weeks of Spanish school in Panama, they've forgotten a lot, and they need to pretty much go back to basics. Grumble, grumble.

I would have preferred it if I had the same group of people to be with for the duration of my 4 weeks of class here. But it seems that that's not possible right now. Ah, well — hopefully we won't be repeating too much this week.

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