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Week three: private lessons at Amigos

This week is going to be the quietest yet at Amigos, with only 3 students (including myself) enrolled for the week's classes. As such, there's nobody for me to be in a class with, and I've had to switch to private lessons. So instead of an 8am-12pm daily class (2 hours with Merly, 2 with Ursula), this week I'm just having 3 hours straight (8am-11am) with Merly, one-on-one. Today's lesson was much more intense and personalised, but it was also a bit lonely.

Merly's a good teacher, but she tends to spend (or waste?) a lot of time just chatting, and she has a habit of constantly going off on tangents. I'm not sure that this really suits me: I prefer a more structured, rigid lesson, where we get through more core material, and spend less time on interesting but non-crucial things. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Apparently, it's the low season for Amigos now. They have several big groups already booked in for the busy months of June and July. But for now, it's real quiet and real cosy.

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