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Transit day to São Paulo

I've had a really enjoyable few days on Ilha Grande; but sadly, my flight out of São Paulo leaves tomorrow morning, and if I miss it I'm royally screwed. So this morning I had to say goodbye to this island paradise, and to begin making my way back to the mainland, and over to South America's biggest city. It took a full day — a ferry ride all morning, and a bus trip all afternoon — but after a great deal of time spent sitting on these various vehicles, I got to São Paulo. Now it's more sitting, and sleeping, as I wait for my plane.

My mate Tom, who I've been hanging out with on Ilha Grande for most of the week (and who was on the bus that I took to get there, in the first place), also decided to leave today — so the two of us ended up getting the ferry and the bus together. The 10:30am ferry out of the island (the only one for the day!), was a nice enough trip — the waves and the wondrous coastal views rolled by us, as we chugged our way back to the mainland — although at 1½ hours, it did drag on quite a bit.

We were lucky enough to catch the 12pm bus out of Angra Dos Reis (headed to São Paulo) just in time — a good thing, too, since the next one wasn't 'til about 3pm. And it's a whopping 7 hours on the bus, to get from Angra to SP! It doesn't look like that far on the map, but apparently it's far enough to take you the better part of a day. Anyway, the bus wasn't too bad — they showed a movie or two on the trip, and the air-con wasn't up too high this time — although we did do the usual Brazilian thing, of stopping a ridiculously large number of times, for food and toilet breaks.

We got in to SP at about 7:30pm: in time for Tom to buy another bus ticket (an overnight ticket), for a bus straight to Florianopolis, where he's planning to spend more time drinking and enjoying some surf (in that order — he is Irish, you know). Anyway, we said our goodbyes in the bus terminal there; and then, I jumped on a shuttle bus, to take me over to SP International Airport. I've decided that since my flight is at 6am tomorrow morning, it's really not worth going to a hostel for tonight — I may as well just try and get a bit of sleep in the airport, and catch up on the rest during my three-legged flight to New York, which will take up my whole day tomorrow.

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