Jaza's World Trip

São Paulo

The sprawling "megalopolis" of São Paulo is Brazil's — and South America's — largest city. The place holds few attractions for the average tourist, but due to its being the transport hub of Brazil, it's pretty hard to avoid passing through it at least once. I spent tonight in São Paulo, in between my bus ride from Ilha Grande and my plane out of here — and I think that's about as much of it as I needed to see.

Transit day to São Paulo

I've had a really enjoyable few days on Ilha Grande; but sadly, my flight out of São Paulo leaves tomorrow morning, and if I miss it I'm royally screwed. So this morning I had to say goodbye to this island paradise, and to begin making my way back to the mainland, and over to South America's biggest city. It took a full day — a ferry ride all morning, and a bus trip all afternoon — but after a great deal of time spent sitting on these various vehicles, I got to São Paulo. Now it's more sitting, and sleeping, as I wait for my plane.

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