Jaza's World Trip

Train to Vienna

This morning I said goodbye to the crazy Wombat's Munich — and to Germany, for now — and hopped on the train down to Vienna. Just a quick 4-hour morning ride: I caught the 9:30am train (direct), and I was in Vienna by 1:30pm. The train went through Salzburg, which I'm going to visit after Vienna: it's a bit of a funny route, I know; but I can't help it, since Vienna's somewhat out-of-the-way from everywhere else I'm visiting around here.

I was welcomed into Austria by a gorgeous and dramatic change in scenery out the train window. Almost immediately upon crossing the border, flat frosty farmlands and woods gave way to soaring mountains, quaint hillside villages, and a blanket of pearl-white snow covering everything. Wow — so this is Austria! I'm really, really looking forward to going skiing here.

Suddenly snowy in Austria.

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