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Wombat's hostel (the base), Vienna

It almost seems like I haven't left Munich at all: because here I am in Vienna, and I've just moved from one Wombat's to another! The Wombat's chain in strongest here in Vienna: they have two separate hostels in the city (both near the main train station); and I stayed in the bigger and older one, "the base". Wombat's (the base) isn't quite as crazy a party venue as is Wombat's Munich, but it still has a great bar (with a free welcome drink upon arrival), nice facilities, and tonnes of Aussie guests.

Rooms: much like the Munich branch — clean, secure, quiet.

People: more of a mixed bag here — but still a great backpacker crowd, and still a strong contingent of Aussies.

Staff: friendly and helpful.

Location: short walk from Vienna's Westbahnhof station. City centre can be reached by a quick and cheap metro ride.

Food: same deal as Munich, €4 buffet breakfast that I managed to scam for €0.

Internet: once again, same as Munich — €2 in the hostel, €1 at the numerous dodgy cafés down the road.

Hot water: terrific (and like Wombat's Munich, each dorm has its own ensuite bathroom).

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