Jaza's World Trip

Randomly meeting the Geyers' cousin

I already knew that the whole world is Jewish; but what I didn't know is that the whole world also has Jewish connections in East Lindfield, Sydney, Australia. I was sitting on the Caltrain back to San Francisco (from Sunnyvale) this evening, and I couldn't help but overhear a girl nearby talking about how she's Jewish, and about how she's got family in Australia. When I went over and talked to her, I discovered that as well as this, she's also the first cousin of Debbie and Benny Geyer, who are old family friends of mine, and who have lived around the corner from me for a good part of my life.

I think that this girl's name is Dorian Geyer (first name is soemthing hard to remember). Her home is San Francisco, but her first cousins and her grandparents live in Sydney, so she's been there many times. She's 24 years old, and working in insurance. I had a good chat with her on the train: I don't usually talk to complete strangers on the train; but considering what a small world this is, maybe it wouldn't hurt to do it more often.