Jaza's World Trip

Nomadas Hostel, Mérida

This wasn't the best hostel I've stayed at so far (in terms of comfort and value), but it is the one that I've most enjoyed staying at. This place has a rough, outdoor feel to it: people can choose to sleep in hammocks in the back yard; taking a shower involves getting cosy with several hundred sleeping mosquitoes; and the leafy abundance gives the place a resort / hippie-retreat feel. This hostel itself is, in my opinion, one of the top attractions of Mérida.

Rooms: outdoorish, basic but nice.

People: friendly mix of young, naïve fun-seekers, and older, more experienced veteran backpackers.

Staff: very accommodating, but limited in their English.

Location: reasonably central — 10min walk from town centre.

Food: basic free breakfast.

Internet: 10 pesos / hr (4 PCs).

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