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Deitel C++ en Español

Saw this in a bookshop in Mérida. It wouldn't mean much to the non-geekified among thee, but to me, it looked pretty cool. Deitel's C++ How to Program is one of the more famous books on programming that's available on the market today. I never imagined that I'd see it in Spanish. But I guess that a book like this is available in pretty much any language.

C++ Cómo Programar.

I managed to get one quick snap of this book on the shelf. Then I got kicked out of the shop. But the victory was mine, for I emerged with a crisp, un-confiscated photo of the vendor's fine merchandise.

This also makes you think about, and appreciate, how unfortunate it is that so many people have to contend with the unoriginal, translated versions of so many books, which are always inevitably inferior to their originals. How lucky we are, in the English-speaking world, to have the untranslated Harry Potter, Hamlet, and Great Expectations; and how unlucky we are, that we will never know the true beauty of Ulysses, Candide, or War and Peace.

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Well scored pic!

Can't say i've even been kick out of a book shop, one would guess i would have to go into one to do so!