Jaza's World Trip

Night-time alligator hunt

Following our trip to the Sunset Bar, and a formidable spread for dinner, our group got back in the motorised canoe this evening, and cruised through the darkness of the pampas, looking for alligator eyes. It was a very unique and bizarre experience: on the water in the dark of night, with our flashlights searching the shores of the river, looking for pairs of orange eyes reflecting back at us. We spotted quite a lot of the alligators and their highly luminescent eyes; but unfortunately, our guide didn't manage to catch one and bring it on board. Damn: I was so looking forward to having another passenger on board — one with a two-foot-long mouth full of chomping teeth.

Luckily, although it was a very hot night, there weren't too many mosquitoes out in the dark. However, there was a spectacular abundance of stars in the pampas sky overhead; almost as many as on a good, clear night in the highlands. The alligator hunting was good fun, but it was also a bit weird; and I wasn't feeling 100% (change of altitude and the heat / humidity getting to me), so I couldn't really enjoy it fully.

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