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Sunset Bar: we serve cold beer

The pampas is a pretty remote place, and as such, it is lacking in some things (e.g. electricity, road vehicle access, piranha-free swimming water). But beer-selling beverage establishments is not one of them. After finishing the trip down the river to our campsite, our guide got us back into the boat, and drove us round the corner to the Sunset Bar. It was pretty bizarre, but we rounded a bend in the river, and suddenly — out here in the absolute middle of nowhere — we saw a sign saying (in English): "Sunset Bar: we serve cold beer — welcome". Maybe Bolivia is a bit like Australia after all, eh? If there's one person living within 100km of anywhere, there's another person next door selling beer.

Great place, the Sunset Bar. Apparently, it's owned by Amazonia tours; and if you go with them, then you actually stay at the site where the bar is, and sleep in a building right next to it. However, tourists from all companies are welcome to come there for a drink; and conveniently for us, Flecha Tours has their site only about 100m downstream from the place.

They have a kind of walkway-slash-lookout at the front of the bar, where you get a great view of the sunset (hence the bar's name), and where a large number of flags from around the world are waving in the breeze. And guess what the two biggest flags are? Bolivia, and... Israel! Hahaha... representing the two biggest cultural groups in the area, I suppose.

We hung out at the Sunset Bar for a few hours this evening, watching the sun set from the walkway, and chatting amongst ourselves, and to the many other people that were hanging around there. Not a huge variety of drinks on the menu — in typical Bolivian style, they have two choices on the menu, Paceña small or Paceña large — but hey, I guess this is the middle of the pampas, after all.

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