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Moved to Tulum beach

Today I finally did what I've been meaning to do ever since I got to Tulum: I moved to the beach, and set up my hammock for sleeping in. I'm staying at a cabaña lodge called Mar Caribe; they also rent out hammock space for 50 pesos a night. This is the way to stay in Tulum.

The hammock space is about 40 or 50 metres from the waterline. The sea is in constant view. The wind is calm and cool. The women are passing to and fro quite regularly. And fresh coconuts and papayas are growing nearby.

When I got here, there were two crazy Austrian guys here already. They've been here for about a week, and they don't really know when they're going to leave. They sell hand-made necklaces (as well as... other things), from the comfort of the hammock space. One of them has an Italian girlfriend, who only speaks Spanish (and Italian), and who is really crazy.

Later in the day, a native Caribbean island guy called Wahi turned up as well. He's a reggae singer, and he's got a massive head of dreadlocks. He's also a really interesting theologian, being a Baha'i follower, and a student of many schools of religious thought. Great guy to have a long, philosophical chat with.

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