Jaza's World Trip

Chris, Erica, and Laura

These three folks were staying at The Weary Traveler in Tulum, while I was down on the beach at Mar Caribe. I met Chris first — on the beach, I think — and then the next day, I met Erica and Laura as well. The four of us ended up going out on the town for a few nights, and becoming real good friends.

Chris, Emily (not Erica), and Laura (left-to-right), on the beach at Tulum.

Chris is an interesting guy to be around. Being a web developer, like myself, we have a bit of business to talk about. But mainly, we enjoyed sharing ridiculous British accents with each other. Chris is British, so this gives him some advantage.

Erica is a Swedish girl, and Laura is another Brit. These two got a lift down to Tulum from a(nother) crazy New Yorker named Donald, who tried to make them stay with him at Mar Caribe. Erica enjoyed teaching us a few words of Swedish. Laura added a touch of class with her Oxford upbringing; a touch of beauty with her gorgeous looks; and a touch of olfactory delight with her coconut-scented sunscreen.