Jaza's World Trip

Finished with the Amigos web site

Over the past three days, I've spent a lot of time working on the new English content for the Amigos web site. I've gotten a lot written, but there's still a fair bit more to do. However, I'm afraid that I won't be doing the rest. Due to an unexpected clash of personalities in the office, my time spent volunteering for Amigos has come to an end. I'm happy with what I've accomplished here, but I can do no more.

This afternoon, Jesus thanked me for my work, and asked me not to come in and do any more work for Amigos. Jesus and I have become good friends over the past month; but basically, when it comes to working together, our personalities clash badly. When I'm doing work — especially voluntary work — I require a reasonable amount of freedom in terms of how I work, what I work on, and when I work. Unfortunately, Jesus has a very controlling and dominant personality, and he just can't handle giving his people that much freedom. He also has a habit of treating volunteers just like his real employees, which I find quite difficult, and even insulting.

So that's all the volunteering I'll be doing for Amigos. I will, of course, continue to work voluntarily for Hampy, where they have no-one else with my skills, and where I have all the freedom that I need (Jorge is a very relaxed boss). Hopefully, Jesus will be able to find someone else with good English skills, and with a different style of working, to finish off the content for the Amigos site.