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Doctor visit in Cusco

In an effort to once-and-for-all be rid of the food poisoning that's been plaguing me almost non-stop for the past week, I finally visited a doctor on Sunday night. Tonight, I returned to Clinica Paredes in downtown Cusco, where the doctor examined the results of a test that he'd had run on me. Looks like I have some kind of stomach / intestinal infection. I've been prescribed antibiotics, which I have to take for the next 5 days, and which will hopefully cure me.

The doctor was an amicable and professional enough fellow, by the name of Ronnie. His English was reasonable, but only just good enough to communicate to me what I needed to know. The whole thing — consultation, test, and medicine — cost about USD$60 — I've got the receipts for it all, and I'll have to claim it all on my health insurance at the end of my trip (I checked my policy, and it seems to all be covered). I also can't drink any alcohol while I'm on the antibiotics, so it should be easy enough for save money and brain cells on alcohol, at least for this week.

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