Jaza's World Trip

Fancy dress party at Loki

Tonight at Loki, we had a fancy dress party, and the theme was "nightmare". I walked into the bar this evening, and I must say, the place did look pretty hellish. Black gloves, ghostly-white dresses, and death-white faces everywhere. I wasn't planning to dress up for it; but I ended up putting on a black t-shirt (inside out), and getting my face painted white. Just so that I could fit in with tonight's freaky crowd.

After hanging out at the Loki bar for a while, a few of us moved on to the disco bar called "Uptown", which is in the centre of town. We did, of course, don our costumes and remove our make-up first. Well, some of us, anyway. At Uptown, we had a pretty big night of drinking, dancing, and being surrounded by our fellow gringos.

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