Jaza's World Trip

Dave (stressed bunny)

Along with his Bulgarian wife, Dave is the crazy owner and manager of Snowbunnys. He's been living in Kitzbühel and running the place for several years now. Dave has possibly the driest and the most sardonic sense of humour I've ever encountered: so much so, that even calling it a "sense of humour" at all is quite a sketchy issue. Dave's managed to get on the wrong side of virtually everyone else in town; and it usually doesn't take him too long to do the same with his guests, either. Nevertheless, there are those who claim that "you just have to get to know him" — I didn't achieve this during my week at his hostel; and I'm guessing that even had I stayed a year, I'd still be struggling to work him out.

Dave reminds me of the worst high school Maths teacher I ever had — those of you that know me well, you know exactly who I'm talking about — and as such, you should also know that that's never a good thing. Despite having had a great time at Snowbunnys, I can't help but agree with the majority of the people I've met who live in Kitzbühel, and who only have one thing to say about the man: "Dave's a prick".

Not Turkish!

1) Dave's wife is Bulgarian not Turkish.
2) Dave is a good bloke - you just have to get to know him!


Sorry, changed "Turkish" to "Bulgarian" — I have nothing to blame but my crap memory. As for getting to know Dave: like I said, I'm sure it's possible, I just didn't manage it while I was there.