Jaza's World Trip


One of the famous dishes of Peru is cuy — or guinea pig — which is traditionally boiled, and then baked or fried, and which is served complete with head, skin, and feet. For lunch today, Gaz was really keen to try some cuy. So myself, Cath, and Gaz were taken by Abimael for lunch to a restaurant, that is known for its delicious servings of cuy. Gaz and myself had half a fluffy feller each.

Poor little critter stares back at you from the plate.

The verdict: tasty, and quite unique, but not something I'm desperate to try again. Cuy consists mainly of skin and feet, with a decidedly unimpressive amount of actual meat. I guess this can be attributed to the fact that guinea pigs are pretty lazy, and don't really move around and develop their muscles much.

Me, mercilessly tucking in to some cuy.

Cath wasn't game to try the cuy: well, she's a vegetarian anyway, so there was no way she was going to eat any. She was also a bit repulsed by the way we devoured it: because there's so little meat on it, you really have to tear the whole thing apart in order to find the good bits.

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