Jaza's World Trip

Caltrain to DrupalCon

Got up at 6am this morning, in order to catch a bus, then a train, then a light-rail, to the OSCMS Summit 2007 down in Sunnyvale. The train was the biggest part of the trip (1 hour). the Bay Area's Caltrain is a pretty cool service: high-speed and cheap trains that go everywhere between San Francisco and San José, plus they have bike racks on the trains. The other two legs of my journey — the Muni cable-car bus in San Francisco, and the VTA Light Rail in Sunnyvale — were good fun as well.

I was expecting all of these services to be more crowded, especially since I was travelling during the morning peak-hour period. But apparently, despite the high quality all round, most Californians prefer to drive to work than to use public transport. Very disenchanting, but unfortunately true. They have all these cool combinations of modern public transport services, and yet they prefer to still waste money, to pollute the environment, and to sit in traffic. Crazy place.

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