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Bridge jump in Baños

Early on in our ride to Puyo this morning, Patrick and I encountered the famous "bridge jumping" that you can do, just out of Baños. Bridge jumping is basically like bungee jumping: except that it's generally not as high; and that it's done off a proper road bridge, instead of off a rickety walking bridge, or off a special platform. I don't care what people say about it: I think it's just as insane as bungee jumping; and things don't get more insane than that. I was too chicken to do the jump, but Patrick took the plunge. Check out the photos and video.

Patrick jumping off the bridge.

The bridge and the river below.

Some crazy guy jumping off the bridge.

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thank god you didn't jump

Maybe I am a neurotic worrying mum, but I am very pleased you chickened out, because you can get detached retina from this type of jumping and it's very prevalent in our family history. You only get one chance at good eyesight so don't stuff it up. Love you very much. mum xxx