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Breakfast at D'onofrio's

As part of our board at the Flying Dog, we get free breakfast each morning at the D'onofrio café, which is just downstairs. However, D'onofrio's "free menu" is rather limited: either toast and jam; toast and egg; or fruit salad. Since I'm still (trying to) observe Pesach, I can only choose the latter option. And at this point, I'm starting to get sick of it.

There's nothing wrong with what they serve down there. And I'm usually the last person in the world to complain about boring breakfasts — hell, back home I've been eating Weet-Bix and milk every morning since 1823. But their free breakfast isn't that big; and fruit salad, tea, and juice is just not something that I personally would choose to eat day in, day out.

But hey, at least it's free!

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Lonely Planet

Jeremy,I feel like I am reading a Lonely Planet guide book after
reading and looking at your travel diary. I hope you are having
a good time and not spending toooo much time in creating this
very professional web-site. I don't think I have that much
time in the day to take it all in but I am jealous, jealous that
I am not young anymore. The most adventurous thing we did over
Pesach was watching the hot water system in the roof spring a
leak and making the walls in the dining room look like they were
crying!!!! I wanted to claim it as a religious appiration and
make loads of money from it, however all we did was call the
plumber.. Stay well . Suexxx