Jaza's World Trip

Alex and Caroline

Alex is a dutch bloke, who's currently studying finance and economics at university. Caroline is a half-Swedish, half-French girl (she's lived in Sweden since age 12), who works as a secretary back home, and who's here in Thailand for a one-month holiday. I met these two great people on the bus to Chumphon (very early this morning), and I stayed with them on the ferry to Ko Tao. The three of us ended up sticking very close to each other, for almost a week on Ko Tao — we signed up for our dive course together, and the rest is history.

Alex, Caroline and myself (left to right) chill out this evening in Ko Tao.

Caroline's story is a bit sad: she split up with her boyfriend (after three years together) one week ago; and they'd planned on doing this whole trip together. Since they'd already bought the tickets and everything, they ended up flying to Thailand together: but since Bangkok, they've gone their separate ways. So she's a bit lost right now, and she's just trying to make the most of a very strange and awkward situation. Alex's situation is much brighter: after Thailand, he's flying over to Sydney (a week before I do); and he's going to be at Sydney Uni this year for 6 months, while he studies on exchange! The two of us will be down the road from each other for an entire semester — so I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of each other over the next year.