Jaza's World Trip

Trip plan

The trip is fairly unstructured, but this is the schedule that I planned out before I left:

Mon, 19th Feb, 2007
Depart Sydney, Australia Arrive Mexico City, Mexico
19th Feb — 19th Mar, 2007
Explore Mexico
Mon, 19th Mar, 2007
Depart Mexico City, Mexico Arrive San Francisco, USA
19th Mar — 1st Apr, 2007
Attend DrupalCon SF Hang out in California
Sun, 1st Apr, 2007
Depart San Francisco, USA Arrive Lima, Peru
1st Apr — 7th Oct, 2007
Explore South America Make my way from Peru to Brazil
Sun, 7th Oct, 2007
Depart Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Arrive Boston, USA
7th Oct — 21st Oct, 2007
Attend my 2nd cousin's barmitzvah Hang out in Massachusetts
Sun, 21st Oct, 2007
Depart Boston, USA Arrive London, England
21st Oct, 2007 — Mid Jan, 2008
Explore Europe
Mid Jan, 2008
Depart London, England Arrive Bangkok, Thailand
Mid Jan, 2008 — Mid Feb, 2008
Explore Thailand
Mid Feb, 2008
Depart Bangkok, Thailand Arrive Sydney, Australia