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Welcome to the site

This is the first blog entry on my new world trip site. Welcome! There isn't much content on this site yet, but I will be filling it up with stories, photos, and much more, over the coming year.

As you can find out from looking on the about page, in 3 weeks' time I will be leaving my home town of Sydney — and my home country of Australia — and embarking on a world trip for 12 months. I've made this site in order to let people know where I am and what crazy things I'm up to, and also to permanently document what is sure to be the journey of a lifetime.

This site was made using Drupal, along with a number of Drupal's fabulous add-on modules. Some of the cool features of this site — and the Drupal modules that power them — include:

Come back regularly, because I'll be updating this site regularly as I traverse the globe!

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The blogosphere is growing ... aided by the word of our parents

Well, considering i'm not carrying the olympic flame, i dont really have any physical baton to pass on to you as I finish my 'tour' and you start your world trip so i'm just gunna say my 2 pence. or riel if ur coming to Cambodia, which as a matter of a fact dont have coins or denominations lower than 50(just thought u'd like to know)
So yeah, i'm glad that my mum, Auntie Sue, has been conferring with ur mum, Jeremy's Mum, so that we will be reading each other's online 'secret' diaries. This way i'll know when u get to try those delicious deep fried cocharoaches, or steamed dog, or so i'm told. Or perhaps get hopelessly lost in the middle of Hanoi, and ending up walking off the map.
As for advice, try to keep ur blog updated at about twice a week, that is try not to go 3 weeks like i have with out a post haha! Also you might be surprised how bad the internet can be, especially if there happens to be an earthquake that cuts the major linking gateways to the region during ur trip... so as for uploading photos... consider yourself warned.
otherwise Enjoy!!