Jaza's World Trip

We'll just have to drink it

I've accumulated a lot of junk lately, and I've been lugging it around for far too long. So this morning, I did a big sort through my overstuffed backpack, and took out everything that I don't need to take with me anymore, or that I can throw away. All of the former, I packed into a cardboard box, and took to the local post office in Miraflores. Included in this box was a bottle of fine, semi-prepared pisco, that I'd bought at the winery in Ica, and that I wanted to send home as a souvenir. However, the post office staff wouldn't let me mail the pisco: apparently, it's prohibited to mail alcohol out of Peru. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to drink it, then!

And yes, for those of you that are worried, fear not — for that was exactly the happy ending that my bottle of semi-prepared pisco arrived at this evening — it was indeed consumed over a fine Chinese dinner. So this great, Peruvian alcohol certainly did not go to waste. Just a pity that I couldn't mail it: I've never seen pisco for sale in Australia, and it would have been great to have sampled it with the friends and family back home. Of course, I could have continued lugging it around with me, for another 7 months, until I go home.

Or not.

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