Jaza's World Trip

The Goldstein-Bempechat clan

The Goldsteins are my wonderful and adorable cousins who live here in Boston. Adam is 13, and is the star of the show for now — since it's his Barmitzvah on the weekend! Becca is 16, and is America's aspiring second female president (Hillary's gonna be the first, right? :P). Their "mom" (i.e. mum), Janine, is my Dad's first cousin, and was a professor at Boston's famous Harvard University for almost 10 years. And their dad, David, runs a software company here in the city. They're my favourite overseas cousins, and this is the first time I've seen them in seven years.

The clan. Left to right: David, Becca, Adam, and Janine. First three are Goldsteins, and Janine is the Bempechat. :P

Tonight was a very special occasion, when I came back to the house, and had a reunion with Janine, David, Adam and Becca. Back in 2000 — when we came to the USA for a month — my mum, my dad and myself stayed here with the clan for almost a week, sleeping wherever they could find an empty corner for us. Adam and Becca have certainly grown a lot since then — in 2000, they were 6 and 9 (respectively) — and now, they're 13 and 16! But they're still recognisable, and they're still the same great, fun kids that I remember. Hopefully I'm also still great, and fun, and a kid — as far as being juvenile goes, nobody can deny that I try my best :P. Anyway, it will be nice spending some time with them again, and of course seeing Adam on the big day.