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Thailand's ladyboys

Thailand is infamous for being a steaming hotspot of all things sex-related. Sex abuse, sex entertainment, sex tourism — you name it, sexy, and they've got it. One of the particularly less appealing of these things is the popularity of sex changes in Thailand. So common are the transsexuals — who started out as men, and who have consumed masses of artificial hormones (and some of whom have also undergone surgery) to become women, and who end up something in between — that here in Thailand, they have a special name. They're called "ladyboys". And they're bad news. Most of them are fairly obvious to look at: i.e. their sexual appearance is totally... well, f$#%ed. But quite a few of them have taken it so far, that you can't tell them apart from real women.

Keeping away from the girls is a good idea in Thailand, even at the best of times. But the ladyboys are one more reason to keep away, and a bloody good reason as well: around here, if you choose to go down the road of local women, you can never be sure just who — or what — it is that you're flirting with. So beware the ladyboys, and stay away!

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