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Ten offers in ten seconds

Just for a bit of a laugh, an Irish guy at Loki walked down to the Plaza de Armas (main square of Cusco) with me this morning, to introduce me to the insane amount of tourist-hassling that goes on in this city. However, instead of letting these people get on my nerves, I decided to turn the tables a bit, and to get on their nerves, by playing an evil little game.

The two of us walked down the side of one block of the Plaza de Armas, and we literally did get about ten offers in ten seconds. This is what I did as we walked past:

Postcard, amigo, very —


Massage amigo —


Tour de Machu Pi —


Massage —


Desayuno, muy bar —


Tours, horseriding for y —


Massage amigo —


Dolares, good price —


Massage —

NUEVE! (And will you please $%#& off with the damn massages!)

Machu Picchu —


Each time someone offered us anything, I shouted a number at them (as illustrated above), and stuck the corresponding number of fingers in front of their faces. Most people just looked bewildered. Others realised what I was doing, and wore a pretty peeved expression as I continued on past them.

Much more satisfying than plain ol' getting hassled, or than getting ripped off. Of course, I would only advise doing this in a reasonably safe city, like Cusco. But all up, I highly recommend this free and devious activity.

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